Corona Rules for Belgium

Please inform yourselves on a regular basis about the corona rules for Belgium. Each participant is solely responsible for their own safe travel to and in Belgium.


Time Zone
GMT +1

Official Languages
French and Dutch

Telephone Calls
Country code: +32
Brussels: (0)2
Emergency: 112
Fire: 100
Police: 101


21% Value Added Tax (VAT)

Electrical Appliances
In Belgium the standard voltage is 230 V and frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets are of type E.

Tipping is not expected in bars, restaurants or hotels as an amount is included in the bill. Of course, if the service has been particularly good, a small tip is always appreciated.

Credit Cards
ATMs or Cash Machines are widely available. For cash withdrawals it is recommended to use a Debit Card since Credit Cards will hit you with a larger fee. Many stores and restaurants will accept debit and credit cards. Make sure you have a card with the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus logo.

The average temperature in September is 19-21°C.


Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, is definitely the place to be. Conveniently located and interconnected with Europe’s most important metropoles, Brussels gathers a significant network of expertise and resources as Europe’s decision-making capital and is not the kind of place that you easily forget. The mixture of cultures, events, art and history are a few examples of what this city can really be proud of. Brussels has something for everyone.

visit.brussels offers city maps which can be used when you want to discover Brussels' essentials:

Here's already a shortlist of interesting sites to visit during your stay in Brussels:

  • Atomium
  • Belgian Royal Palace
  • Natural Sciences Museum
  • Grand-Place, UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Cinquantenaire Park
  • Magritte Museum
  • The Sonian Forest, UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Centre for Fine Arts - BOZAR
  • Jardin Botanique Meise
  • Art & History Museum
  • Solvay House, UNESCO World Heritage List

Discover many more sites, monuments, parks, museums you can visit during your stay in Brussels:

Tourism Info Desk

For any kind of information regarding the city of Brussels, you can always contact the tourism info desk and convention bureau of Brussels:

2-4 rue Royale / Koningsstraat 2
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel
+ 32 (0)2 513 89 40

Public Transport

Most public transport in the Brussels-Capital Region is organized by the STIB (Société des Transports intercommunaux bruxellois). The network includes metro lines, which connect the eastern and western districts of the city. Pre-metro lines (trams in the tunnels) complete the metro service. A great many metro lines also have above ground bus and tram connections.


Three elements make up the price of a taxi ride:

  • the price per km (1,8 € or 2,70 € depending on whether the journey is inside or outside the 19 districts of Brussels);
  • fixed charge: 2,40 € (4,40 € at night) ;
  • the waiting time: 30,00 € per hour; certain companies charge reduced fares for journeys to the airport.

Tips and service are included in the price of the journey as shown on the meter, but a small extra tip is always well-received. For all complaints, first of all note the registration number of the taxi, its make and colour.

For all other forms of transportation, visit visit.brussels/site/en/article/transport-in-brussels

Low Emission Zone

Since January 1st 2018, in order to improve air quality and therefore public health, the use of the most polluting vehicles is prohibited in the Brussels LEZ (Low Emission Zone). The regulation affects cars, vans ≤ 3.5 tonnes, and buses and coaches, whether registered in Belgium or abroad. Check here if your vehicle can circulate within the LEZ: www.lez.brussels If you do not meet the conditions, we would remind you that there are park-and-ride car parks on the access routes leading into Brussels as well as alternatives to the car.

Warning: Vehicles registered abroad (exception: authorised vehicles with a Dutch number plate) must be registered before entering the territory of Brussels. From 1 January 2020, it is possible to buy your pass and register after driving in the LEZ, until midnight the next day.