Important Information

The funding for some medical events located in Belgium is subject to a visa by law. Industry and healthcare professionals have joined forces to create a common ethical platform called Mdeon, the primary aim of which is to guarantee the visa procedure through self-regulation and in a transparent manner. The ETA applied for a visa which relates to the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association. The visa number is a guarantee that the project sponsorship to organise or take part in a scientific event is consistent with the relevant legislation and ethics.

The visa number granted is the following: 22/V2/13796/008149

This visa number covers the following companies :

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.,
Berlin Chemie AG,
Egetis Therapeutics AB,
Eisai Europe Limited,
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.,
IBSA Insitut Biochimique SA,
Ipsen Innovation S.A.S.,
LCMS by Eli Lilly and Company,
Merck Healthcare KGaA,
Nanjing ECO Microwave System Co., Ltd.,
puir imaging GmbH,
RF Medical Co. Ltd., Korea,
Starmed Co. Ltd.,
Vindico Medical Education