Word of Welcome

The history of Brussels stretches from the origin of the city on the banks of the river Zenne shortly before the year 1000, through the period of prosperity under Emperor Charles V and the exponential expansion outside its walls in the 19th century, to the current multicultural metropolis with over a million inhabitants. Brussels has successively been the capital of the Duchy of Brabant, the Seventeen Provinces, the Southern Netherlands, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belgium, the Flemish and French Communities, and finally the European Union. However, in September 2022, it will be, above all, the European capital of thyroidology.

In Brussels, and by extension in Belgium, there is a long tradition of fundamental and clinical research in thyroid physiology and diseases. Many colleagues from all over Europe and other continents have come to Brussels in the pursuit of their thyroid research.

It is therefore a great honor and pleasure to meet you in Brussels, and to welcome young and experienced researchers. The meeting is being held exactly 40 years after the previous ETA meeting in Brussels, which certainly adds an extra significance to this event.

The convention center is located downtown in ‘Bozar’, the center of fine arts, within walking distance from hotels and transport facilities. The center of Brussels can be reached by train in less than half an hour from the international airport.

Besides the meeting, Brussels offers great opportunities to make your stay unforgettable. Our restaurants are among the best in the world; locally brewed beers are a delight, and let’s not forget the chocolates and fries. Brussels houses top museums like the Magritte Museum and while walking towards them, you can discover other pearls of Brussels’ architecture, including the Grand-Place, a world heritage site, and many Art Nouveau buildings.

Hoping to welcome many of you to Brussels in September 2022!

On behalf of the local organizing committee

Kris Poppe

Kris Poppe